Have you stopped calling your accountant?

At RibaKasteel Chartered Accountants, we want you to stay in touch!

As your business partner, we like to know what is happening with your business. When you can talk to us freely about the events affecting your business, we can deliver the advice that suits your needs to help you grow your business.

The best way to get you talking to us is to make sure we’re not charging you every time you call or email us with a question.

That’s why we’ve introduced another stress-free approach to taking care of your business with our fixed price annual accounting packages. We get to hear about what’s going on in your business more often and you don’t get suprised with additional fees.

Isn’t it about time you started dealing directly with the principals who have the expertise to partner YOU in your business, and guide YOU with real solutions?

Contact us and gain the freedom to get the advice you deserve.