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We aim to take the stress out of ensuring not only that your taxation affairs comply, but to ensure that your financial affairs are structured in a way to minimise taxation liabilities, and maximise the level of protection for your assets.  Unlike most accounting practices, we go beyond providing taxation compliance services.  In today’s market, in order to have an edge on your competitors you need an accounting practice that is responsive and has the experience and expertise to partner you in your business and to provide cost effective solutions.



It is essential to monitor your business’s performance.  Any deviation from what is expected can alert you to an issue/s which may require immediate attention.  The deviation may be an increase in turnover, an increase in customers, or the reverse.  These alone can affect many areas in your business for example, stock levels, employees, space, debtors, materials, creditors and your bank account.  In order to avoid business failure you need to focus on your business strategy, and ensure that you maintain accurate and up-to-date records to keep your eye on the ball.  Cashflow is king, and needs to be monitored regularly.  We can regularly monitor your monthly or quarterly accounts which to allow you to focus on the important task of working on your business.  We will analyse how your business is progressing by measuring your performance using key performance indicators (KPIs), and can help you in the areas that can make a difference between just surviving in business, and thriving.



We are well placed to either assist you with your current accounting system whether it be a manual cashbook, Excel spreadsheet/workbook, Xero, Quickbooks, Quicken, MYOB, Banklink or an industry specific program.  Alternatively, we can assess your business requirements and make recommendations on which accounting system is best suited for your business.  It is important to note that your choice of accounting system is one of the most important business decisions you will make.  There are a few guidelines which we will consider when recommending accounting software to you.  Firstly, whether a fully integrated general ledger system is beyond your business needs in which case, a simple manual cashbook or a program known as Banklink, or Xero Accounting is possibly a better choice.  Secondly, unless you understand double entry bookkeeping, debits, credits and journals for example, you will need training to learn bookkeeping, and training on your new accounting software.

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Do you struggle each month or quarter to prepare and lodge your BAS on time?

Allow ribakasteel to ensure you spend more time growing your business by delegating the process to our dedicated team.  In this way, you can be assured that you are complying each quarter with the GST regime, which will not lead to any real eye-opening surprises at year end when we prepare your financial accounts and reconcile your GST returns.  Preparing your quarterly BAS also allows us to review the quarterly or interim results.  This allows us to proactively monitor the performance of your business, and bring to your attention any alarming issues which need to be addressed.

Upon request, in order to assist you with cashflow, we can provide a fixed fee package for either monthly or quarterly services to give you some certainty of what we will deliver invoiced at quarterly intervals during the year.

In the current challenging market, unless you continually analyse yours business’s performance, it could be too late at year end, to turn your business around.



Are your business assets at risk?  Are your personal assets at risk?  What will happen to your home if your business fails?  It is essential that your financial and personal affairs are aligned in order to manage risk.  We will work with you to establish the appropriate structure for you, and your business.



Succession planning is essentially putting plans in place for your exit out of the business.  Planning for succession involves maximising the value of your business ready for hand over or sale, and by ensuring that the right structure is in place can assist with a smooth transition to the new owners.  Succession or retirement can be a stressful process to consider.  There may be a number of options available to you when you decide to exit your business.  We can address the complex issues of coordinating the transition of your business when you leave, in a diplomatic and structured way.



SMSF’s are a wonderful option for individuals looking for greater flexibility in estate planning, and additional investment options with their own retirement funds.  Whilst there is no question that SMSFs can provide great benefits to trustees, they are however best suited to individuals who have a minimum of $300,000 to invest due to the costs of establishing a fund, and the ongoing annual taxation and auditing fees.  It is also important to be mindful of the effort and discipline required to administer your fund in order to meet the tax office’s strict guidelines.  We suggest you contact our office to discuss your superannuation options and whether the establishment of a SMSF is appropriate for your needs.

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